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Group Rides

Our team is ready to help you have a blast with friends, family, coworkers, or team members. See below for information about booking 16 or more kayaks. For 1-15 kayaks, please see our Daytime Rides and Neon Rides information.

Learn what our group rides are like

A few comments by participants

"I had so much fun getting out of the office and doing something fun with my team. I had no idea how cool kayaking on the river would be. I highly recommend it for something different to do with your group! It was peaceful, beautiful, and not too difficult for a novice kayaker." - Cecelia
"I’m not an avid kayaker so it was perfect for a beginner.  Their team did a great job giving an overview of the river and once we were out in the water, it was relaxing and fun.  I will definitely bring my family back to experience!" - Louisa

Dates and times when group rides are available

If you contact us to book 16 or more kayaks, we will ask what day/time you prefer and try our best to accommodate that. If you are booking 1-15 kayaks, we typically recommend that you use our standard Daytime Rides or Neon Rides reservation process unless you want to add some of our group add-ons (see below) or your organization is tax exempt.

Group size, age, and weight limitations

Our 30 kayaks can be configured for 1 rider, 2 riders, or 2 riders and a small child (40lbs max). Therefore, we can accommodate up to 60 adults and 30 small children (40lbs max) at one time. It is possible for us to facilitate rides for larger groups if we send your group members out in waves throughout the day. Please contact us to discuss options for larger groups. For our age and weight limitations, please see our Terms of Service.

Group ride discounts and other benefits

Group bookings of 16 or more kayaks receive a small discount (~10%). We are not able to provide a substantial discount for group bookings because we try to keep our ride costs as low as possible for all of our riders. However, there are other benefits to booking as a group including greater scheduling flexibility, personalized help by our team, and additional add-on options (see below).

Ride duration for group rides

When riders arrive, we help them to set up their equipment and explain route instructions. That process usually takes about 15min. Then our staff give the riders a return time that is one hour from their departure time. When riders arrive back at our launch location, they exit their kayak and return the equipment. The full experience takes about 1.5 hours. With group rides, we offer the option to extend the time on the river (see below).

Optional add-ons for group rides

Groups can add the following options when booking their reservation. The cost of add-ons vary depending on the number of kayaks being reserved and other factors. We will explain the pricing for these add-ons when providing you with a quote.

  • Extended time on the river: For groups that would like more than the included 1 hour of river time. We typically recommend a 1/2 hour of extended time on the river for large groups.
  • SK staff riding along: One or more of our staff can ride along to help your group to navigate the route and to take a few pictures.
  • Water bags: Small, waterproof bags for protecting phones, keys, and other valuables. 
  • Phone cases: Clear, waterproof phone cases with a neck strap for taking pictures while riding.
  • Additional services: We can provide other services, as needed, which we can explain if they apply to your situation.

How to book a group ride

Please contact us and briefly describe the details of the group ride you are considering. A member of our team will communicate with you by email, phone, or web conference to provide you with a quote and work out details like date/time, add-ons, etc. If you would like to proceed with making a reservation, we will send you an invoice. After we receive your payment, we will add your group ride to our schedule.

Important additional information

Please visit our Terms of Service and Questions and Answers pages for important additional information.