Where our rides start and end

Our rides start and end at the Dublin Spring Park which is "hidden away" under the Rt 161 Bridge. Parking and bathrooms are not available in the park. The location can be tricky to find. Please follow the instructions below.

Address and parking

Please do NOT search for "Sunrise Kayaking" on your driving app and follow the route. That will likely take you to the wrong location. It is best to park in the parking garage that is connected to the Dublin Library which is located at 75 N High St, Dublin, OH 43017 (map below). Then, walk to our location (see below).

Walking to our location from the Dublin library

Follow the directions on the map below... Walk toward the river (east) on West North Street. Cross over North High Street. After you pass COhatch on your right, there is a Y in the road. Take the RIGHT branch toward the old, stone bridge (161). Do not take the LEFT branch toward the new, pedestrian bridge (Link). Walk south on N. Riverview St. about 500ft until it dead ends into the side of the old, stone bridge (161). At the dead end, take the wood staircase on your left down to the river and you will see us there. FYI: It takes about 7 minutes to walk from the library to the park. You will need to walk down about 50 stairs to get to the river.