Neon Rides

These rides are similar to our Daytime Rides, but with a fun twist--lights on the kayaks! First, you head downstream and watch the sunrise as you ride along Kiwanis Riverway Park. Then, you turn and paddle upstream as the lights on the kayaks and the Link Bridge put on a one-of-a-kind show. See below for important details.

Reservations and pricing

Rides cost $70 for a single kayak, $80 for a double kayak, or $90 for a triple kayak (plus taxes and fees). Visit our equipment page for height and weight limits. Click the button below to see currently available dates/times. We can add group reservations for 11-30 kayaks at dates/times not currently on our calendar. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new dates/times (we frequently add them). You can also request that we add a new date/time using our time slot request form

Learn what these rides are like

To get an idea of what you can expect with this ride, watch this 2 minute overview video or our onboarding instructions.  Our neon rides are very similar, but riders head downstream first so they can ride under the Link Bridge during the darkest part of the evening.

Some special details for our neon rides

You must arrive at least 5 minutes early for this ride. If you arrive late, your time will likely be reduced to less than 1 hour on the river. The City of Dublin requires us to exit Dublin Spring Park before it is dark outside.  We do not recommend these rides for first time kayakers or children under 8 years old. We recommend that you apply bug spray before you arrive. Bugs are typically not a major issue, but it can't hurt to be proactive. :)

Ride duration

When riders arrive, we help them to set up their equipment and explain route instructions. That process usually takes about 15min. Then our staff give the riders a return time that is one hour from their departure time. When riders arrive back at our launch location, they exit their kayak and return the equipment. The full experience takes about 1.5 hours. That's why we list our rides as, "1.5 hrs with 1 hr on the water."

Ride location

This ride starts and ends at the Dublin Spring Park. The location can be tricky to find. It is important you follow our map and directions or it is likely you will get lost.

Policies and Terms of Service

Terms used below

  • SK: Sunrise Kayaking
  • Participant/Rider: Individual who participates in a kayak ride/rental
  • Purchaser: Individual who purchases the reservation

Waiver submission is required before arriving

A link to our waiver can be found in the top right corner of this website ( Riders who are 18+ must submit the waiver for themselves. Riders who are under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian submit the waiver on their behalf. 

Age and weight requirements

Riders must be at least 4 years old. Each group must have a rider who is at least 18 years old. Each kayak must have a rider who is at least 10 years old and able to lift the kayak (56lbs). Riders less than 18 years old must remain within 30 feet of a rider in their group who is at least 18 years old. In other words, they cannot paddle off on their own. Riders must be willing and able to help transport their kayak approximately 100ft to/from the water. Each kayak can hold 1-2 riders or 2 riders and a small child weighing less than 40lbs. Max combined weight of 350lbs per kayak. Riders who have a chest size larger than 44in must contact us in advance to verify we have the correct equipment for them. 

Clothing, shoes, personal items

Riders are required to walk in 1 foot deep water to get in and out of the kayak. While paddling, the kayaks will likely take on some water and the seat may get wet. If riders flip their kayak (which is rare) or fall into the water while entering or exiting the kayak, they will be completely submerged in water. Riders must wear clothing and shoes or sandals that can get wet. Riders should not bring along any personal items that they do not want to get wet, unless they are stored in a waterproof container. 

Prohibited items

Per local regulations and our policies, we do not permit drugs, marijuana, alcohol, coolers, pets, or fishing equipment to be taken on rides. Riders are welcome to bring water bottles.

Cancellations, rescheduling, late arrivals, no shows

Our team typically works on transporting and preparing our customers' equipment long before they arrive. Therefore, it is important that you notify us as far in advance as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. To cancel/reschedule, click the link in your confirmation email, reply to your confirmation email, or contact us. Customers who cancel/reschedule their reservation MORE THAN 24 HOURS in advance are entitled to a 100% REFUND OR CREDIT toward another reservation. Customers who cancel/reschedule their reservation LESS THAN 24 HOURS in advance are entitled to a 50% REFUND OR CREDIT toward another reservation. Customers who do not cancel/reschedule before their reservation begins, arrive late, or do not show up for their reservation are not entitled to a refund or credit toward another reservation. 

Late returns, lost or damaged equipment, fee payments

If riders do not return by the return time they are provided by our staff, they must call us at (614)943-3411 so we know they are not experiencing an emergency and so we can notify other customers who may be waiting for their equipment. The purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay $10 per kayak for each 5 minutes the equipment is late. For example, if 4 kayaks are 10min late the fee is 4 x $10 x 2 = $80. If the rental equipment is lost, damaged, or not returned, by the participants, the purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay $1500 per kayak, $80 per life vest, $60 per paddle, $40 per neon light strand, $40 per neon light battery. The purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay any fees which are owed, as determined by SK. Purchaser agrees to allow SK to deduct fees from the original payment method provided by the purchaser for the reservation. If the payment is declined, SK will notify the purchaser of the amount owed. The purchaser agrees to pay SK any fees owed within 24 hours of their reservation end time.

Additional Information Q&A

If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us.

Do we need to book a reservation in advance?

Yes, we require that riders book a reservation in advance. Depending on how busy we are, you may be able to book a reservation at the last minute, but we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible. We frequently have time slots sell out.

Can your kayaks accommodate 1, 2, or 3 riders?

We rent Malibu 2 kayaks that can be configured for 1, 2, or 3 riders. For details, visit our equipment page

What is the route that your recommend that riders follow? How long is it?

These rides are approximately two miles round trip. Because the rides start and end at the same point on the river, riders can shorten the distance, if they like, by turning around and heading back without paddling the full distance. For a detailed description of our route, see our onboarding instructions.

How do you decide when to cancel rides?

We typically cancel rides if it is likely that there will be dangerous weather or the river flow will be above safe levels. If we cancel a ride, we will attempt to send an email to the reservation purchaser. You can find more details about how we decide to cancel rides and any current ride cancellations on our ride status page.

Do you refund reservations if they are canceled due to the weather?

Yes, we refund 100% of the cost for cancellations due to the weather or river conditions. Refunds are made to the original payment method and are typically posted within 5 business days.

Is there a place nearby where we can buy food and/or bring our own?

Dublin Spring Park (where our rides start/end) is a short (~2 min) walk from the Historic District of Dublin, Ohio which contains about 20 food/restaurant options. For an additional 20 food/restaurant options, you can take a short (~5 min) walk over to the East side of Link Bridge to the Bridge Park district. On the East side of the Link Bridge there is a large sitting area with tables and bathrooms which is a great spot to sit and eat if you want to bring your food.

What if my kayak tips over? What if I can't swim? How deep is the river?

Our kayaks are very stable. Our riders typically only tip their kayaks if they are clowning around and/or not following our instructions. We also supply high quality life jackets. If used properly, the jackets help riders who are not able to swim to stay afloat if they fall in the river. The river depth varies between approximately 3 to 20ft in the sections of the river where we provide rentals. In the shallow areas (3-4ft), riders can simply stand up and walk to the riverbank if they fall in the river. In the deeper areas, riders are typically within 50ft of the riverbank so they can easily paddle to where the river is shallow and get back in their kayak. There is some risk involved with any outdoor activity, like kayaking, but our rides are very safe because of the high quality equipment and detailed instructions we provide.

Do you provide shuttle service?

These rides start and end at the same location. Therefore, shuttle service is not required.

Can we book a reservation for more than 1.5 hours?

Possibly. If there is a time slot available before/after your reservation, you can make two reservations back-to-back and stay on the water during both time periods. However, we typically don't recommend that option for most riders. We find that 1.5 hour reservations with 1 hour on the water is a great amount of time for most people.

​​Do your rentals include all of the equipment required (ex. life jackets, paddles, etc.)?

Yes, within the age and weight limitations we describe on our equipment page

Some people in our group want to bring their own kayak? Is that possible?

Yes, our rides start and end at Dublin Springs Park which is a public river access point. Riders are welcome to launch their own kayaks there. Keep in mind, there is no public parking available at the park. The park is only accessible by walking down a long service road (about 400ft) or descending a large wooden staircase (about 100 stairs). Riders will need to use one of those options to carry their kayaks and equipment to and from the river. It's possible, but not easy.

Will there be a "guide" that goes along with us?

Our rides typically do not have a staff member "guide" the group. We provide detailed onboarding instructions before your ride begins that help you navigate the river and avoid any dangerous area.  We are able to schedule staff to ride along with Group Ride reservations.

Should riders bring a phone?

We recommend riders bring a cell phone along with them for safety and convenience. We highly recommend that all personal items (phone, wallet, etc.) be placed in waterproof bags with a hook so you can connect it to your seat. You can typically purchase a waterproof bag from us when booking a reservation.

Why can't riders bring a dog or other pet?

Having a dog or other pet ride along on a kayak can be fun, but it can also add a lot of drama and risk to your trip. We've learned the hard way that pets often behave unexpectedly on kayaks. Riders are more likely to get wet/muddy, tip over, lose equipment, and experience an emergency if they bring their pet along.