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Neon Rides

These rides are similar to our Daytime Rides, but with a fun twist--lights on the kayaks! First, you head downstream and watch the sunrise as you ride along Kiwanis Riverway Park. Then, you turn and paddle upstream as the lights on the kayaks and the Link Bridge put on a one-of-a-kind show. See below for important details.

Reservations and pricing

Rides cost $70 for a single kayak, $80 for a double kayak ($40/person), or $90 for a triple kayak ($30/person) plus taxes and fees. Visit our equipment page for height and weight limits. Click the button below to see currently available dates/times. We can add group reservations at dates/times not currently on our calendar. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about new dates/times (we frequently add them). You can also request that we add a new date/time using our time slot request form

Learn what these rides are like

To get an idea of what you can expect with this ride, watch this 2 minute overview video or our onboarding instructions.  Our neon rides are very similar, but riders head downstream first so they can ride under the Link Bridge during the darkest part of the evening.

Some special details for our neon rides

You must arrive at least 5 minutes early for this ride. If you arrive late, your time will likely be reduced to less than 1 hour on the river. The City of Dublin requires us to exit Dublin Spring Park before it is dark outside.  We do not recommend these rides for first time kayakers or children under 8 years old. We recommend that you apply bug spray before you arrive. Bugs are typically not a major issue, but it can't hurt to be proactive. :)

Ride duration

When riders arrive, we help them to set up their equipment and explain route instructions. That process usually takes about 15min. Then our staff give the riders a return time that is one hour from their departure time. When riders arrive back at our launch location, they exit their kayak and return the equipment. The full experience takes about 1.5 hours. That's why we list our rides as, "1.5 hrs with 1 hr on the water."

Ride location

This ride starts and ends at the Dublin Spring Park. The location can be tricky to find. It is important you follow our map and directions or it is likely you will get lost.

Important additional information

Please visit our Terms of Service and Questions and Answers pages for important additional information.