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Our equipment

It is difficult to enjoy a kayak ride when the equipment is low quality, dated, and worn out. We provide high quality equipment that is well maintained and in great condition.

Our kayaks

Our fleet contains thirty Malibu 2 kayaks by Ocean Kayaks. Malibu 2 kayaks are one the most popular and best selling kayaks in the worldThey are very stable on the water and easy to paddle. The models we use are sit-on-top, tandem kayaks that can be configured for 1-3 riders (see below). They are 12 feet long, 34 inches wide, and weigh 57 lbs. 

Single Kayaks

One person riding alone
Rider Height: Any height

Rider Weight: 350lbs max

Double Kayaks

Two people riding together

Rider Height: 6ft 2in max

Rider Weight: 350lbs max combined weight

Triple Kayaks

Two people and a small child

Rider Height:  6ft 2in max

Rider Weight: 350lbs max combined weight, 40lbs max for child riding in the middle

Our life vests

  • Adults and young adults over 90lbs: We rent Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Life Vests which are especially designed for kayaking. They are very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit well on most riders. It's easy to forget that you are even wearing them. We rent M/L vests for riders who have a chest size up to 44 inches We find that our M/L jackets are a good fit about 98% of our adult/teen riders. We also have a limited number of XL/XXL vests for riders who have a chest size of 44-56 inches. If you would like to rent vests that are XL/XXL or larger, please contact us before scheduling your reservation so that we can confirm that is possible.
  • Children: We rent Stohlquist Youth Fit Lifejackets (or similar model) in extra small (for riders who are 20-50 lbs) and small (for riders who are 50-90 lbs).
  • Bring your own vest(s): If you prefer, you can bring your own life vest(s) as long as they are a U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type III Life Jacket / Personal Flotation Device (PFD). 

Our paddles

We rent aluminum kayak paddles that are 230 cm long. They are lightweight and easy to handle for most adults and children (7 and up). We recommend that children who are 4-6 years old ride along with an adult rather than trying to paddle.