Gift Certificates

What is better than the gift of kayaking! Our award winning rides are a great fit for almost everyone. Click the button below to purchase a gift certificate or see the Q&A below to learn more.


How do your gift certificates work?

Our gift certificates can be used to purchase any of our kayak rides. After you make a purchase, the person receiving the certificate will be emailed a redemption code which they can enter on our website when purchasing a rental.

What are your rides like?

Please see our Daytime Rides and Neon Rides pages.

Do your gift certificates expire?

Yes, our certificates expire five years from the date of purchase.

How much do your rides cost?

Please see our Daytime Rides and Neon Rides pages for information about pricing.

What if I give someone a certificate and it doesn't cover the cost of their reservation?

The purchaser can pay the balance with a credit card.

When does your season start and end each year?

We typically start rides in April and end them in October. The specific dates will depend on the weather and river levels. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when rides become available.

Are certificates refundable?

No, sorry, certificates are not refundable.