Route Instructions | Daytime Rides

1. Paddle upstream under the stone bridge in the middle between the piers.

Stay at least 10ft from the piers to avoid getting stuck on branches or shallow areas.

2. Paddle under the Link Bridge, then turn around and paddle downstream.

Do not go more than 50ft beyond the Link Bridge. Do not attempt to paddle through the area where the river narrows and becomes more shallow.

3. Paddle under the stone bridge, then enter the inlet on the right near the sign with our logo.

The inlet opening is only about 100ft from where our kayaks launch and return.

4. Paddle downstream until you have 20min left or you see the first boat dock on your left (whichever comes first), then turn around.

5. When paddling back upstream, always take the path on your left.

As you paddle upstream, follow the same path that you went downstream. There are a few spots where there is a Y in the river where you can go left or right. Always take the branch on the left. The branches on the right lead to shallow areas where your kayak is likely to get stuck.

6. Return to the launch area before your time ends.

Paddle up to the launch area where the water is 1 foot deep. Swing your legs out and stand up in the water. Do not pull the kayak up on the riverbank with anyone sitting on it. After everyone is out of the kayak, pull it up on the riverbank. Please return your equipment to where you picked it up.