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Marketing Team Case Study

Considering using our rides as a team building activity for your employees? Here's an example of rides we provided for a marketing team. Please visit our Group Rides page if you are interested in learning more or contact us to schedule something similar with your team.

Services we provided

We were contacted by a staff member with national corporation based in Dublin. They were interested in providing a team building outing for some of the members of their marketing team. We worked with the staff member to schedule multiple dates/times and plan all of the details. We created a custom reservation portal for their marketing team members to sign up for one of the available rides. We facilitated daytime rides for their team. During one of the rides, one of our staff members rode along, took pictures, and helped them with the route.

Comment by the staff person who organized the event

"Working with Sunrise Kayaking was a breeze. They helped us to work out all of the details like the right kayaks to reserve and a good date and time. They created a special online reservation portal so our employees could select their own date and time. They kept us informed about our group's reservations as they came in. When bad weather came up on our scheduled date, they helped us to reschedule. It was great to have their knowledgeable support throughout the whole process. And, our employees loved the ride! We are already planning to book another group event with them." - Alexis

Comments by participants

"I had so much fun getting out of the office and doing something fun with my team. I had no idea how cool kayaking on the river would be. I highly recommend it for something different to do with your group! It was peaceful, beautiful, and not too difficult for a novice kayaker." - Cecelia

"I’m not an avid kayaker so it was perfect for a beginner.  Their team did a great job giving an overview of the river and once we were out in the water, it was relaxing and fun.  I will definitely bring my family back to experience!" - Louisa

"It was surprisingly relaxing, with amazing views and was a great team experience!" - Teressa