Terms of service for our kayak rentals

Last Modified: 8/25/23

- SK: Sunrise Kayaking
- Participant/Rider: Individual who participates in a kayak ride/rental

- Purchaser: Individual who purchases the reservation

WAIVERS: All participants who are 18 or older must submit our waiver. All participants under 18, must have a parent or legal guardian submit the waiver for them.

RIDERS: Each kayak can hold 1-2 riders or 2 riders and a small child weighing less than 40lbs. Max combined weight of 350lbs per kayak. Riders who weigh more than 250lbs or have a chest size larger than 44in must contact us in advance to verify we have the correct equipment for them. Riders must be at least 4 years old. Each group must have a rider who is at least 18 years old. Each kayak must have a rider who is at least 10 years old and able to lift the kayak (56lbs). Riders less than 18 years old must remain in eyesight and 30 feet of a rider in their group who is at least 18 years old. In other words, they cannot paddle off on their own. Riders must be willing to help transport rental equipment to/from the water.

PROHIBITED ITEMS Per local regulations and our policies, we do not permit drugs, marijuana, alcohol, coolers, pets, or fishing equipment to be taken on rides.

CLOTHING AND SHOES: Riders are required to walk in 1 foot deep water to get in and out of the kayak. While paddling, the kayaks will likely take on some water and the seat may get wet. Therefore, we recommend that all riders wear appropriate clothing and water shoes or sandals.

CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES: If we cancel a reservation due to the weather or other factors, we will attempt to notify the purchaser by email and issue them a 100% refund. If the purchaser cancels their reservation more than 1 hour before their reservation begins, we will issue them a 100% refund. If the purchaser changes their reservation (kayaks, date/time, etc.) more than 1 hour before their reservation, we will issue them a prorated refund (based on the changes) minus a booking fee charged by our reservation system (FareHarbor) of up to 6%. Cancellations and changes made by the purchaser less than 1 hour before the reservation begins may not be eligible for refunds.

LATE ARRIVALS AND NO SHOWS: We encourage participants to arrive 5-10 minutes before their reservation. We are not able to extend the duration of rentals if participants arrive late. We do not issue refunds if participants do not show up for the reservation.

LATE RETURNS: If riders do not return by the return time they are provided by our staff, they must call us at (614) 943-3411 so we know they are not experiencing an emergency and so we can notify other customers who are waiting for their equipment. The purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay $10 per kayak for each 5min the equipment is late. Ex. If 4 kayaks are 10min late the fee is 4 x $10 x 2 = $80.

LOST OR DAMAGED EQUIPMENT: If the rental equipment is lost, damaged, or not returned, by the participants, the purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay $1500 per kayak, $80 per life vest, $60 per paddle, $30 per watch, $40 per neon light strand, $40 per neon light battery.

FEE PAYMENTS: The purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay any fees which are owed, as determined by SK. Purchaser agrees to allow SK to deduct fees from the original payment method provided by the purchaser for the reservation. If the payment is declined, SK will notify the purchaser of the amount owed. The purchaser agrees to pay SK any fees owed within 24 hours of their reservation end time.

ADD-ON PURCHASES: Purchaser is responsible to inspect and test any add-on items purchased from SK to make sure they are functioning properly before using them to store any personal items (e.g. cell phones, keys, etc.). SK is not responsibly for any loss or damage to personal items which results from using the add-on items.