Questions and Answers

If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us.

Where are you located?

Our standard rides start and end at the Dublin Springs Park in Dublin, Ohio. NOTE: The location can be tricky to find. We highly recommend you follow our map and directions.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation vary depending on the time of year, day of the week, weather, river level, etc. The best way to know when we are operating is to view when rides are available on our booking page.

Can I cancel my reservation or change the date and/or time of my reservation?

Yes, simply click the appropriate link in your reservation confirmation email. Or, reply to the email with "cancel" or the new date/time you would like us to reschedule you for. See our Terms of Service for our polices regarding cancellations and changes.

Do we need to book a reservation in advance?

Yes, we require that riders book a reservation in advance. Depending on how busy we are, you may be able to book a reservation at the last minute, but we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible. We frequently have time slots sell out.

What are your rider age and weight limits?

See our equipment page for the max rider weight for our single, double, and triple kayaks. Riders must be at least 4 years old. Each group must have a rider who is at least 18 years old. Each kayak must have a rider who is at least 10 years old and able to lift the kayak (56lbs). Riders less than 18 years old must remain in eyesight and 30 feet of a rider in their group who is at least 18 years old. In other words, they cannot paddle off on their own. Riders must be willing to help transport rental equipment to/from the water.

Can your kayaks accommodate 1, 2, or 3 riders?

All of the above. We rent Malibu 2 kayaks that can be configured for 1-3 riders. For details and weight limits, visit our equipment page. For pricing for each riding option, visit our booking page.

What is the route that your recommend that riders follow? How long is it?

Our rides are up to 2 1/4 miles round trip. Because the rides start and end at the same point on the river, riders can shorten the distance, if they like, by turning around and heading back without paddling the full distance. For a detailed description of our route, see our onboarding instructions.

How do you decide when to cancel rides?

We typically cancel rides if it is likely that there will be dangerous weather or the river flow will be above safe levels. If we cancel a ride, we will attempt to send an email to the reservation purchaser. You can find more details about how we decide to cancel rides and any current ride cancellations on our ride status page.

Do you refund reservations if they are canceled due to the weather or river conditions?

Yes, we refund 100% of the cost for cancellations due to the weather or river conditions. Refunds are made to the original payment method and are typically posted in 3-5 business days.

How do you handle cancellations or reschedules that are not weather related?

If the purchaser cancels their reservation more than 1 hour before their reservation begins, we will issue them a 100% refund. If the purchaser changes their reservation (kayaks, date/time, etc.) more than 1 hour before their reservation, we will issue them a prorated refund (based on the changes) minus a booking fee charged by our reservation system (FareHarbor) of up to 6%. Cancellations and changes made by the purchaser less than 1 hour before the reservation begins may not be eligible for refunds.

What if my kayak tips over? What if I can't swim? How deep is the river?

Our kayaks are very stable. We very rarely have riders tip their kayaks and end up in the river. That typically only happens if someone is clowning around and/or not following our instructions. We also supply high quality life jackets. If used properly, the jackets help riders who are not able to swim to stay afloat if they fall in the river. The river varies between 3-10ft in the area where we provide rentals. In the shallow areas (3-4ft), riders can simply stand up and walk to the riverbank if they fall in the river. In the deeper areas (5-10ft), riders are typically only a few feet from the riverbank so they can easily paddle to where the river is shallow and get back in their kayak. There is some risk involved with any outdoor activity, like kayaking, but our rides are very safe because of the high quality equipment and personalized instructions we provide.

How often do riders fall out of their kayak?

Very rarely. Our kayaks are very stable on the water when used properly. We occasionally (about once a week) have a kayak tip over, but it is typically because the riders are clowning around (splashing another kayak, etc.) or not following our instructions. Kayaks are also more likely to tip if riders try to exceed our maximum weight limits.

Can you transport your equipment to other locations?

Sorry, we are not currently offering equipment delivery services. We only provide rides that start and end at the Dublin Springs Park. Please see our directions page for the location.

Do you still regularly schedule down river trips, like the one that starts at Amberleigh Park?

Sorry, we are not currently offering rides that start at Amberleigh Park. We only provide rides that start and end at the Dublin Springs Park. Please see our directions page for the location.

Do you provide shuttle service?

Our standard kayak rides currently start and end at the same location (see above). Therefore, shuttle service is not required.

​​Do you provide group or corporate rentals?

Yes, please see our group rentals page for details.

How do you handle late arrivals and no shows?

We encourage participants to arrive 5-10 minutes before their reservation. Our location can be tricky to find. We are not able to extend the duration of rentals if participants arrive late. We do not issue refunds if participants do not show up for the reservation.

How do you handle it if riders return late?

If riders do not return by the return time they are provided by our staff, they must call us at (614)943-3411 so we know they are not experiencing an emergency and so we can notify other customers who are waiting for their equipment. The purchaser of the reservation is responsible to pay $10 per kayak for each 5 minutes the equipment is late. For example, if 4 kayaks are 10min late the fee is 4 x $10 x 2 = $80.

Why do your reservations say, "1.5 hours with 1 hour on the water?"

When riders arrive, we help them to set up their equipment and explain route instructions. That process usually takes about 15min. After their hour on the water is finished, we help them to return the equipment. The full experience takes about 1.5 hours.

Can we book a reservation for 3 hours instead of 1.5 hours?

Yes, you can book two daytime rides back-to-back and stay on the water for up to 2.5 hours rather than just one hour. However, we typically don't recommend that option for most people. We find that 1 hour on the water is a great amount of time for our location on the river. Due to the river levels, it is typically not possible to paddle much further upstream than our normal route. And, paddling further downstream than our normal route, isn't as fun because the river is much wider in that section and there are often motor boats that create waves that can be difficult to navigate on a kayak. So, we typically recommend sticking with a 1.5 hour reservation with 1 hour on the water.

Can we make a reservation on a day/time not listed on your website?

Possibly, please submit a timeslot request.

​​Do your rentals include all of the equipment required (ex. life jackets, paddles, etc.)?

Yes, within the age and weight limitations we describe on our equipment page

Some people in our group want to bring their own kayak? Is that possible?

Yes, our rides typically start and end at the Dublin Springs Park which is a public access point provided by the City of Dublin. Riders are welcome to launch their own kayaks there. Keep in mind, there is no public parking available at the park. The park is only accessible by walking down a long service road (about 400ft) or descending a large wooden staircase (about 100 stairs). Riders will need to use one of those options to carry their kayaks and equipment to and from the river. It's possible, but not easy.

​Does everyone who uses the kayaks need to submit a waiver?

Yes. Participants who are 18+ must submit the waiver for themselves. Participants who are under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian submit the waiver on their behalf. A link to our waiver can be found in the top right corner of our website (

Will riders get wet? What type of shoes and clothing should they wear?

Yes, riders will get wet. Riders are required to walk in 1 foot deep water to get in and out of the kayak. While paddling, the kayaks will likely take on some water and the seat may get wet. Therefore, we recommend that all participants wear appropriate clothing and water shoes, sandals, or other feet protection.

Will there be a "guide" that goes along with us?

Our staff members occasionally pop out on the water and ride along with our customers, but our rides typically do not have a staff member who participates or "guides" the group. Our rides are at locations where riders are typically able to navigate without the help of a guide. If you would like for us to provide guide services, please contact us for a quote and availability. The cost is approximately $100/hr.

Should I bring my phone?

We recommend riders bring a cell phone along with them for safety and convenience. We highly recommend that all personal items (phone, wallet, etc.) be placed in waterproof bags with a hook so you can connect it to your seat. You can purchase waterproof bags with hooks from us when booking a reservation (if available). Warning: We frequently have riders drop their phone in the river and phones dropped in the river are almost never found. :(

​How many kayaks can we rent at one time?

We have 20 kayaks which can accommodate 1, 2, or 3 riders. Please see our equipment page for more details. 

​​Can I bring drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or a cooler?

No, sorry. Per local regulations and our policies, we do not allow drugs, marijuana, alcohol, or coolers. Riders are welcome to bring water bottles.

​​Can I bring fishing equipment?

No, sorry. We do not permit fishing equipment.

​​Can I bring my dog or other pet?

No, sorry. We are not able to accommodate dogs or other pets on the kayaks. Having a dog ride along on a kayak can be fun, but it can also add a lot of drama and risk to your trip. We've learned the hard way that pets often behave unexpectedly on kayaks. Riders are much more likely to get wet/muddy, tip over, lose equipment, etc. if they bring their pet along.

Are you hiring? Do you take applications?

Can you donate a gift certificate for our local charitable organization's fundraiser?

Possibly. We love to support local charitable organizations who are helping the community. To request a donation, please submit our contribution request form.