Group Rentals

Our daytime and neon rides are a super fun group outing! They are a great fit for family gatherings, corporate teams, team building, birthday parties, school trips, church groups, and more. We provide high quality equipment and personalized service so your group can focus on having a great time. We have 20 kayaks which can accommodate 1-2 riders or 2 riders and a small child under 50lbs. Please see our Q&A page for more details about our rentals.

Group Booking Options

1. Standard bookings
You can book a group rental during one of our currently available reservation dates/times using our booking page.

2. Add timeslot

You can submit a timeslot request and we may be able to add a new date/time for your group.

3. Private group bookings

We charge an additional fee of ~$300-$500 for private group bookings because it typically requires 2-4 hours for us to transport the equipment to/from the location. So, we recommend first considering options 1 or 2 above. Please contact us for availability and a quote for private group bookings.